January 20, 1973

Loggins & Messina, Elton John, Billy Paul and Stevie Wonder were all in a good position to head to number one this week on the charts, but the power of one woman would hold them back for the third and final week.

This week's #1 song has been shrouded in mystery since it first came out. People have always been curious about that guy who "walked into the party". The names that circulated around the mystery man  include; Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, Mick Jagger & Kris Kristofferson.

In 2003 Simon held an auction at Martha's Vineyard and promised to reveal the name of the man who, "thought this song was about you" to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder was Dick Ebersol, the President of NBC Sports, who paid $50,000 to know the answer.

In 2010 Simon revealed other clues to the unknown man. On her album "Never Been Gone" she has a remake of her famous song from 1972 where she whispers a name. That name has been confirmed to be David. The media had a field day and immediately reported that it was record mogul David Geffen. Those reports, according to Carly, are wrong. We also know the man's name has an A, E and R in his name.

But, at this time, no one other than Carly and Ebersol know the person's true identity.

Originally, the melody of this song had the title "Bless You Ben".

Enjoy this week's #1 from Carly Simon "You're So Vain."