January 27, 1990

This week's top 5 on the Billboard chart had a more of a dance feel to it, and there are 3 songs that have pretty much gone into obscurity. Remember Technotronic, Jody Watley or Seduction?

Their respective songs; "Pump Up The Volume," "Everything" and "Two To Make It Right" were all sitting in the top 5 this week, along with Rod Stewart's "Downtown Train."

The song that sat at the top-spot this week was from Michael Bolton. Most people remember Bolton as a Balladeer of the late 80's and early 90's, but believe or not he actually could "rock" pretty good in his early days. The only problem was, he didn't get a lot of radio airplay at that time. Our #1 This Week actually was song that had previous success on the charts 7 years earlier by Laura Branigan. Remember "Gloria"?

Branigan took it to #12, but with Michael at the vocal "helm" it went all the way to #1 for 3 weeks. And he scored a Grammy for Pop Male Vocal for his version.

Our #1 This Week is "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You."

Just to show how Bolton could rock, I've included a song he recorded back in 1982, called "Fools Game."