The summer Olympics are inspiring the athletes in all of us.

For hundreds of years, the best athletes from around the world have come together to compete in the Olympics. The summer Olympics host swimming, sailing, tennis, track and field, diving, equestrian, golf, gymnastics, and other sports that are well-known worldwide.

But can you imagine if the Olympics began in Amarillo, Texas? Those events would be pretty different than the ones we see today.

Here are 6 made-up Olympic sports that could originate in Amarillo.

  • 1

    Wind Racing

    This Olympic sport would involve pushing against the 50 mph winds that are common in Amarillo and seeing who could get to the other side of the parking lot first.

  • 2

    Cow Chasing

    It takes a lot of endurance to race from one side of an arena to the other in pursuit of a thousand-pound animal. This sport would be similar to the rodeo event, cutting, just without the horses.

  • 3


    The Amarillo team wouldn't have to practice much for this event, since two-stepping is a natural ability most of us were born with. The competitors would wear cowboy boots and Wrangler jeans instead of nylon body suits.

  • 4

    Critter Hunting

    This Olympic sport would be like target practice for prairie dogs, rabbits, foxes, and possums that frequent the Amarillo area. The team with the most rodents eradicated would take home the gold.

  • 5

    Mum Making

    This would be the perfect summer sport, since homecoming is always in the fall. People in Amarillo are blessed with some talented mum artists that can build the biggest and brightest (literally, with lights) mums, so we'd definitely nab the gold medal.

  • 6

    Truck Hurdles

    No, this wouldn't be the sport of actually hurdling over a truck. Instead, it would be the act of swinging oneself into the cab of an extremely tall truck that has huge tires and a massive lift. It's all about the form, you know.