There's no better way to celebrate living in Amarillo than listening to songs that remind you of it.

When people write songs about Amarillo, it's usually not about the mountains, beaches, abundance of celebrities, or exciting events. The majority of songs about Amarillo have something to do with rodeos, farming, or just passing through.

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And that's pretty fair. If Amarillo seems like an ordinary town to outsiders, it's a downright bore to locals. We have our good qualities, don't get me wrong. There are tons of nice people, great places to eat, and an above-average quality of life.

But those aren't the kinds of things people write songs about.

Here are 10 songs that will remind you of living in Amarillo.

Just FYI: these songs were chosen based on their titles, not the content of the lyrics.

10 Songs That Describe Living In Amarillo