Football fans and arm chair quarterbacks alike will be surrounding their big plasma or LED big screen this Sunday as Football's best two teams go head-to-head.  Not only will this be a battle against Baltimore and San Francisco, but also the first time in the history of the big game that pits brother against brother. John and Jim Harbaugh will face off against each other as the coach of their respective teams and the ultimate prize will be the Lombardi Trophy.

Growing up in Maine, I watched some baseball (Boston) and watch a little football (New England), but I do have very fond memories of hanging out with my next door neighbors watching the big game every year. I remember the 2 years Dallas went to the 'big show' back to back. In '78 they beat  Denver 27-10 and the following year lost to Pittsburgh 35-31.

Who would have thought that 3 and half decades later, this little kid from Bangor, Maine who was rooting for 'America's Team' would end up in the Lone Star State. Kinda ironic, huh?

So, as you're hanging out with your friends this Sunday and you want to impress them with your Super Bowl knowledge, consider these 10 hail mary passes from me, to make them go, WOW! Just remember start each one with, 'Did You Know....?'

Joe Montana is the only player to be named Super Bowl MVP three times. He was Quarterback for San Francisco for all three.

New York jewelers Tiffany & Co. are the ones that make the Super Bowl trophy.

Roger Staubach (Dallas) holds the record for most career Super Bowl fumbles (5 total)

The average Super Bowl get together includes 18 people.

The largest win (in points) is 45. It was Super Bowl 24 when San Francisco beat Denver.

Dallas has played a record eight Super Bowls and have won five of them.

Electronics stores sell five times as many big-screen TVs during the week of the big game.

In 1994, Steve Cristie (Buffalo) kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history.

Americans will consume 8 million pounds of guacamole this Sunday.

The Super Bowl is broadcast to over 182 counties (in the world).

It was in 2004 when the Football league cracked down on broadcasters for copyright infringement. That is why we have to refer to this Sunday's Game as The Big Game. Check out some of the other things we can and can't say regarding the game HERE.