Plenty of Amarillo restaurants have made headlines, but there are still several that haven't gotten enough credit.

When tourists come visit Amarillo, they always seem to end up at the same restaurants. While we should be proud of our good food, we should also show our lesser-known spots some love too.

Here are 10 restaurants in Amarillo that are pretty underrated.

  • 1

    Bagel Place

    This hidden gem serves an amazing variety of bagels, sandwiches, salads, and soup. Their lunch menu offers some of the most delicious and creative options in Amarillo. I recommend: the "Cowboy" bagel sandwich

  • 2


    If you're in the mood for the same ol' Thai food, don't go to Gooney's. Their food is unique and brings Southern flavor to classic Thai dishes. They also have an extensive wine list. I recommend: the pork chops

  • 3

    Cowboy Gelato

    Although Cowboy Gelato is in a transition phase right now, they still serve up their amazing cuisine via food truck. Their burgers are juicy and served with mixed greens instead of plain lettuce. They have a variety of sides, like sweet potato tots and corn nuggets. Plus, the gelato is, well, gelato. I recommend: the classic cheeseburger

  • 4


    Poblano's is a tiny authentic Mexican joint downtown that makes you feel like you've been transported from Amarillo to Puerto Penasco. Their seafood dishes, stuffed avocado, and taco plates are fresh and flavorful. I recomment: the molcajete

  • 5

    Frank's Bakery

    This little French bakery serves up some amazing pastries, sandwiches, and quiche. You can also choose the entree of the day, which always reflects French cuisine. I recommend: the almond croissant

  • 6


    This place is always packed, but it's worth the wait. They serve hand-crafted sandwiches, quiche, savory soups, and amazing entrees that change weekly. Plus, their homemade desserts are too good to pass up. I recommend: the entree of the day

  • 7


    Jorge's might seem like your average Mexican food place, but their food is superior. Their tortillas are homemade, the salsa is spicy, and the food is always fresh. I recommend: the carne asada plate

  • 8

    Texas Firehouse

    Yes, this is another American food restaurant, but there are several special things about Texas Firehouse. First of all, they have a buy-one-get-one pizza on Tuesdays. Second, their beer of the month is always a steal. Or choose from one of the many hand-crafted drinks, flatbreads, wraps, or pizza flavors. I recommend: turkey jack wrap

  • 9


    Hud's has, hands down, the best cherry limeades in town. They also have amazing breakfast burritos and great hamburgers. It's a great stop for your fast food craving that will satisfy you without the grime or grease. I recommend: the bacon breakfast burrito with green chile

  • 10

    Chop Chop

    Chop Chop is fast food Japanese, which might sound risky, but is actually amazing. The veggies are always fresh and the food is consistent. They also have yummy desserts. I recommend: the chicken stir-fry with steamed rice and orange sriracha sauce