In a world where bullying is no longer acceptable, I find it completely outrageous that an educator would bully a child, a student they are supposed to be educating, and get away with it.  That is what happened to a special needs student in Ohio.The 14-year-old had told her parents what was happening and they brought it to the attention of the school and the response was that Cheyenne, the student was lying and that she was making up stories.  So finally Cheyenne's parents sent her to school with a hidden recorder.  What that recorder picked up was shocking.


I do not understand how a teacher can treat a student this way. I am completely appalled, this is unacceptable. It's tough enough for a student to bounce back from another child bullying but a teacher. Personally, I do not believe that these teachers had a strong enough punishment. How does a teacher get to continue to teach? This child will be scarred for the rest of her life. Think about the other children that were bullied by these teachers. All I can say is this is a disgusting display and abuse of power.