Pez at Work IMG_0010

Growing up as a child I always remembered loving PEZ candies. To be honest, I STILL love PEZ candies. Thank goodness I never became a collector of these little pieces of plastic that dispensed sweet treats. I'm sure I would have gone broke if I had.

The word PEZ is taken from pfefferminz, which is German for peppermint. The original prototype was created in 1927 in Austria. Currently they are being made, round-the-clock, in Orange, Connecticut.

Believe it or not, there is a museum dedicated to PEZ. You can find it in Bulingame, California. There was another one in Easton, Pennsylvania, but has been closed since 2008.

Here are 5 fun facts about PEZ.

- Most Expensive: a 1950s transparent space gun which sold for more than $11,000.

- The Tallest: Marge Simpson, which stands 5 1/8".

- Most Popular: It's too close to call, but it's between Santa Clause and Mickey Mouse.

-First PEZ Head: There is an ongoing debate between Mickey Mouse and Popeye

-Rarest: Mr. Potato Head with attachable face pieces. It was quickly pulled off the market for fear of children choking on the small plastic pieces.