I'm a fan of local Amarillo restaurants. I love to try new little gems that I never knew were there. Below are a few locally owned and operated restaurant right here in Amarillo where you might have never eaten, but you need to.

I love these little restaurants that not many people know about. They have great food and atmosphere. Let me know in the comments if you have a place that I have got to try.

Thai House - 5601 E Amarillo Blvd

One of the many things that I love about this place is that they are open late. You can go eat a Thai House until 1AM (sometimes later). If you find yourself craving some delicious Thai food late at night, worry not. I recommend you try the Pad Thai and Pad-C-U. Both are delicious and if you want to test yourself, have them cook it spicy.

Country Pride Restaurant - 5909 Wineinger Rd

Country Pride has the best Chicken Fried Steak in town (in my opinion). If you have never been there, you're not alone. It is kind of hidden. As you head South on Washington Street and pass the light at 58th, you'll go over the overpass and immediately turn left and head down a road with Country Pride on the right. It has a nice little cafe feel and great food.

Arnold Burgers - 1611 S Washington St

This place speaks for itself. They have delicious burgers and they are huge. They have different sizes and even the "Baby Burger" dwarfs the largest burger that you can find at a fast food joint. While, it's in a small building, it's got big burgers. And they are good. They cook them right in front of you. They even have burgers that will feed your whole family. They use fresh meat and the seasoning you can smell all the way in the parking lot. I love this place.

Amarillo Bowl - 712 E Amarillo Blvd

A friend took me here for one simple reason, to try Pho. It's pronounced (fu), but I had never tried it before. It is a Vietnamese noodle soup that has either pork, beef, seafood, and other meats. It also comes with sprouts, noodles, mint leaf, and many other extras to make it your "own". Then throw in some hot sauce, lime juice, fish oil, and soy sauce and you are in for a treat. They also have shrimp rolls that will blow you away. This is not like any food I have had before, but I have been back. I have ordered from other restaurants, but none are as good as here.

Wesley's Bean Pot - 6406 River Rd

If you love BBQ and have never been to Wesley's, then you're missing out. This place has some of the best BBQ I have ever had. Their ribs are fall off the bone tender and have huge flavor. They have a baked potato with brisket that will knock your socks off. My favorite thing to order is the "Hots", which are jalapeno cheddar sausage cooked to perfection. To top it off, their BBQ sauce is tangy and delicious. You will not regret eating here.