The annual horse race at Churchill Downs is this weekend, so you'll want to celebrate appropriately.

The Kentucky Derby has taken place on the first Saturday of May, every year since 1875. Only three-year-old Thoroughbred horses can participate in what America has called "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports." The racetrack is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of the time-honored traditions of the Derby include women wearing huge hats, a blanket of roses placed on the winner's back, and cocktails.

The traditional Derby cocktail is the mint julep, a mixture of bourbon and mint. However, there are several drinks that Derby-goers enjoy.

Here are some Derby cocktails you can find in Amarillo that have a bit of a Texas twist.

  • 1

    Texas Tea

    Saltgrass Steakhouse

    This is a Texas take on the Long Island Iced Tea. It's 90% alcohol, tastes like Dr. Pepper, and served in a pleasant frozen form.

  • 2

    Rhubarb Gin Ricky

    Public House

    This cocktail takes a basic southern drink recipe and makes it, if possible, more southern. Gin, lime juice, soda, and simple syrup are enhanced with rhubarb bitters.

  • 3

    Georgia Moonshine Punch


    While this is more of a Georgia-inspired drink, it still counts. It's got fruit, moonshine, and sweet and sour.

  • 4


    Joe Taco

    The mojito is the Spanish version of the mint julep, making the Joe-hito the Amarillo version. It's a delicious and refreshing blend of mint, Bacardi, and sugar syrup.

  • 5

    Blanton's Manhattan


    The Kentucky Derby loves its bourbon. This traditional Manhattan has bourbon, vermouth, bitters, and cherries.