If you're looking to book a high-end wedding venue, these may be up your alley.

The average American wedding costs about $20,000 and according to wedding budget tips, 50% of that is supposed to be allocated to the venue.

However, the average wedding in Amarillo only costs a little over $11,000, which is what makes these venues seem more pricey.

*NOTE: These prices were taken off of wedding venue websites. There may be more expensive venues with unlisted prices.

Here are 5 of the most expensive venues in Amarillo.

  • 1

    Starlight Canyon

    Starlight Canyon is a beautiful historic bed and breakfast with a stunning outdoor set-up. And you definitely pay for it - they have wedding packages up to $9950 and only allow 100 guests.

  • 2

    Country Home Weddings

    Country Home Weddings is located south of Canyon and they have an all-inclusive package that will ensure a seamless day. Their packages start at $7000.

  • 3

    Destiny's Garden

    Destiny's Garden is a lovely venue south of Amarillo that has everything you need for a seamless ceremony. Their prices start at $6,450 and go up $500 for each group of 50 guests.

  • 4

    Panhandle Charm Weddings

    Panhandle Charm really does bring the charm of the Panhandle to life for your wedding, but at a price. They have wedding packages up to $7,000, but do accommodate up to 300 guests.

  • 5

    The Rock Weddings