Summer cooling off

It's hard to believe that it's officially the first day of summer. Summer means different  things to different people. Summer vacation, your first love, spending time with the family and summer trips. Here are 5 songs that will get you in the mood to start your summer off right.



  • Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta - Summer Nights

    From one of the greatest movie musicals of all-time, Grease.

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

    Way before he was from 'Bel Air' or a Man in Black, Will Smith was simply The Fresh Prince and with his pal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, they created fun, family rap.

  • Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

    Ironically, this song was written in 1984 and released in the summer of '85.

    Here are some historic events that happened in the Summer of '69.

  • Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime

    Originally this was to be put on Sly & The Family Stone's album 'Everybody is a Star,' but because that album never came to be, they added it to their 'Greatest Hit' package.

  • Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer

    Tony Carey started his career as the keyboard player  with the rock group Rainbow and then later formed the group Planet P. His biggest chart success came with 'A Fine Fine Day' (#22), but this has always been my favorite tune from him.