OK so Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and we love Thanksgiving.  Gathering around the table, carving the turkey, stuffing the stuffing, trying to figure out why jelly out of a can is acceptable, is what we love.  Thanksgiving food is awesome and well it inspires people to create weird things that I'm sure is absolutely delicious.  So enjoy these 5 strange Thanksgiving inspired foods.

facebook/Zucker Bakery

They have several different Thanksgiving themed donuts.  A spiced pumpkin donut filled with cranberry and turkey filled, or sweet potato with toasted marshmallow filling, or spiced pumpkin with turkey and gravy filling.


Unfortunately, this bakery is in New York City.  I sent my cousin a message to send me one, but unfortunately, I don't think it would survive the trip in the mail.

Jones Soda

Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

Jones Soda is know for creating unique flavors of soda.  Back in 2003 they released a Turkey and Gravy flavored soda. Unfortunately, it is now on their retired beverage list.  Hmm, I wonder why.


A delicious sandwich made from your Thanksgiving leftovers.  Turkey, cranberry, gravy, stuffing.  YUM.  and yes, this sandwich is this serious!  No two are alike.


These gumballs are flavored like pumpkin, turkey and cranberry.  I might be able to handle the cranberry or pumpkin, but I cannot imagine a turkey flavored gumball.


Don't expect the refreshing taste of peppermint with these Candy Canes.  Instead you will get the taste of gravy, right off your Thanksgiving table.

If you feel the need to suck on one of these have at it.  I just cannot imagine eating a gravy flavored candy cane.