If you were not born in Amarillo, or don't have family here, you may not understand our charm... Amarillo has very few attractions, but what we do have makes up for it in character. There are a few attractions here that are downright confusing and it's understandable that outsiders might not get it.

However, we try our best to entertain tourists who are passing through. According to these TripAdvisor reviews, we are falling short.

Here are 5 people who were simply unimpressed, and a little angry, about the attractions they visited in Amarillo.

1. Cadillac Ranch


Poor Stanley Marsh!

2. Helium Monument


Well at least they are being optimistic.

3. Route 66


Tell us how you really feel! He must not have been there at a good time, because there are some amazing restaurants, antique shops, and historical buildings on Route 66.

4. Quarter Horse Museum


It seems that this person had really nice things to say... but also hated it.

5. Splash


Good news for Splash, they just hired new management! So come back and see us, mkunz7, we'll change your mind.