Haunted Houses are fun and scary all at the same time.  People love to be scared and that is why each year haunted houses get scarier and more graphic.  They have to always top the year before.  Unfortunately, I don't think Creepyworld, a haunted house in Fenton, Missouri will be able to top this year's haunted house.

In most haunted houses teenagers are hired to serve as the haunters.

A 17-year old girl's job was to pretend to be a hanging victim in a bathtub shower.  She got into the shower and put her head into the noose and sometime during the evening accidentally slipped and hung herself for real.  No on knows for sure how long the teenager was hanging there because haunted house goers thought it was pretend.  It was another co-worker who found her unconscious.

The girl survived and is in critical condition at a local hospital.

See the news story here.

This is the promo video for Creepyworld:

Do you think that there should be stricter safety rules placed on haunted houses to keep their workers from getting hurt.  Do you think haunted houses are too over-the-top these days and they will only get worse?