Last year a small restaurant opened up here in Amarillo serving amazing Indian Food.  It was called Amarillo Hut.  Apparently it was a most beloved restaurant and I very rarely heard or saw a bad review on the place and if there was one, the owners would quickly remedy the problem.

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Unfortunately, not long after it opened the owners chose to shut the restaurant down breaking the hearts of Indian Food lovers all over Amarillo.

A few of the other Indian Restaurants were compared and reading all the reviews on the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews Facebook page, they couldn't come close to the Amarillo Hut.

Well do I have some great news,  Amarillo Hut is coming back but in a different form and under a new name.

Jabeen Indian Kitchen

The caption under the picture reads:

Mark your calendars, Amarillo Hut will be reopening as – Jabeen Indian Kitchen, in November of 2016.

You asked, we listened!

Based on candid feedback from our loyal and followers, we have been flooded with a lot of inquiries and requests that we please soon reopen our new place to be open one day a week, as a restaurant, to provide the community single serve orders - such as our popular Amarillo Hut butter chicken curry.

We will be open on Thursdays from 6 PM CST to 9 PM CST.

We take a lot of pride and passion freshly preparing our food and feel very fortunate, lucky, and blessed to be able to do this, and with our mission we are able to serve the vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerance, and peanut allergy community.

We are ready to soon open, as this is our passion, and we miss serving you all!

We are both excited and grateful to soon see you again at our new location! You were very supportive of us and helping Amarillo Hut grow, and we are grateful for your continued interest, support, excitement, and business for our new location!

They will focus mostly on catering, but they will open to the public on Thursday nights form 6-9pm.

I'll admit I never got a chance to try their amazing food and I am so happy I will have that chance.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until November, to enjoy the Butter Chicken Curry, Mango Lassis and Samosas,  you learned to love when they were Amarillo Hut. However, you'll get the food you love!  Just have patience!