So as I dragged myself out of bed this morning to a screaming alarm clock (which I normally don't sleep until that hideous thing goes off), I found myself grumpy.  So I decided to write a letter to the Time Change.

TSM Amarillo

Dear Time Change,

Let's face it I just don't like you.  You have taken a precious hour of sleep away from me.  I like sleep.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I don't get a whole lot of it and when you steal an hour away from me I get upset.  I don't like anything to be taken away from me without my permission and you sir/madam took my hour away.

I understand that you were told that you had to take my hour away, but I didn't tell you that you could so you still stole it from me.

Luckily, I go to church on Saturday evenings so I didn't have to worry that I slept through services yesterday, but I did sleep through breakfast and almost lunch.  I would have if it had not of been for a boy waking me up telling me it was time for lunch.  You have completely messed with my sleep.

Plus, most of my clocks don't automatically adjust so all day yesterday and this morning I have been walking around being deceived by time.  Oh, it's only 2pm so I have time for a nap. Noooo, it was 3pm and too late to take a nap.  This morning my car clock told me it was 6am.  I almost freaked out until I realized you stole my hour.

Let's not even get started on this Monday morning.  OK, let's, for starters I had a cranky boy not wanting to get out of bed because to him and his brain, it was still 5:30am in the morning.  Same with my brain, it doesn't like waking up at 5am.  But since you have tricked us, it wasn't 5am, it was 6am, but our bodies can't tell the difference.

Last night I was up til almost midnight because again, you stole that hour, and our bodies haven't adjusted.

I don't like you at all.  I'm sorry but that is just the way it is. 

However, you do have some good qualities, it is nice to have some sunlight later in the day.  I don't mind getting up in the dark because I always get up in the dark regardless of the hour you stole from me. 

I just wish, you wouldn't come and go as you please.  I wish you would just stay with us all year round.  If you did that, then I wouldn't be writing this letter to you.  But, alas, you will go away on November 2nd and give me an hour back.  You are a taker and then you are a giver.

Time Change, I know I will feel better and less exhausted come Thursday, but today, I am tired and grumpy and I just wish you wouldn't steal. 


Lori Crofford

So how do you feel about the time change?