In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine I found an interesting article about John Cougar Mellencamp. The article starts out with a quote from John saying, "If you're coming to hear the greatest hits, don't even come."

WHAT? Really John?

Mellencamp is kicking off a 33-date tour in February. It will be a 2-hour show with NONE of the hits. He'll do some country-blues and a solo acoustic set, then finish up with a full band.

Another quote from John in the article, "I have zero interest in banging out those hits again."

A word of advice, remember the date that brought you.

This show may just be for the uber-Mellencamp fans.

I predict soft ticket sales for a high price concert that doesn't pay respect to the fans that got him where he is today.

What do you think about going to a concert where the singer/group won't play any of the hits?