In 1995 I was told by my Mom that she had cancer. She was planning to come visit me in California, along with my Dad. So, I wanted to give her the VIP treatment for her visit.

Growing up, I always remember her favorite Soap Opera was "The Young & The Restless". Since I was in Cali, I had met singer/actor Michael Damian (aka Danny Romalotti). So, I made a few calls and put my plan in motion.

First off, when my parents arrived at the airport in San Luis Obispo, Ca I had them picked up in a limousine and brought to the radio station. I was told for months after Mom still talked about the limo ride.

We then headed down to Los Angeles I drove us to Studio City-the home of CBS TV. We signed in and then Michael met us and gave us a tour of the Y&R sets. He was scheduled to shoot some scenes that day, so we were able to wacth "Danny Romalotti" in action. We took some pictures with him and then headed on our way.

The next day we headed over to Universal Studios, where I had set us up with the VIP package. On our way there, we pulled up next to this beautiful Mercedes and behind the wheel was JACK NICHOLSON. The VIP Pass would let us by-pass the lines and have a backstage look at everything there. Also with the VIP package there were just Me, Mom, Dad and the tour guide during the "backlot tour".

She really enjoyed herself and so did my Dad.

My mom passed away  in August of that year, but I think of her and miss her every day.

I'm glad I had the chance to give her the "Star Treatment" for his visit.