Just when you thought the weight loss revolution couldn't get any stranger, someone has invented a fork that helps you control what you eat.  Now don't get me wrong this could be a really good idea, but with all things weight loss, this may just be another product to shove in a drawer to collect dust.


The premise of the HAPIfork is to keep track of your eating habits.  It does that by detecting how long it takes you to eat.  How many bites you take in a meal as well as how long you take between bites.  Every time you put the fork to your mouth is called a "fork serving".

If you eat too fast a section of lights go off warning you to slow down.

Like I said, in theory,  it's a good idea but do you really need your fork yelling at you every time you eat too fast?

Once you have all the data you upload it to your computer.

The HAPIfork costs $99 and is available for pre-order now here.

As with anything involving weight loss results aren't typical.  You will have people that it works for and you will have those people who will toss it into the junk drawer til the next garage sale.

In all honesty, if you chew each piece of food 20 times before swallowing you have slowed down your eating time and you are so sick of chewing by the fifth bite you give up.  See problem solved and I just saved you $99.