Well it has officially happened.  The bacon craze has gone to far or has it?  The only way you could lose weight and still have your bacon was on Atkins or something called Turkey Bacon.  However, that has changed with a new product from J&D's Foods called BaconTrim.  Wait?  What? A bacon weight loss shake?  Here's my thoughts, "you have got to be kidding me?"  Then again I don't like bacon (I just heard you gasp all the way over here).  Just wait there's more!

J&D's Foods

BaconTrim has 120 calories per serving and 30 grams of protein.  So if you are trying to loose weight and build up your muscle and still have your bacon.  Grab a can of BaconTrim.

or if bacon isn't your thing

J&D's Foods

GravyTrim has the same nutritional value as BaconTrim.  The cost is only $19.99 for 20 cans.

So say you are sitting there eating your healthy meal.  Maybe it is a plain baked potato that you wished was covered in creamy gravy.  Maybe you have a lean piece of roast that you wished was covered in delicious brown gravy.

Well now you can have your wish, with

J&D's Foods

This is only $9.99 for both!

Now this is one product I would use.  All the taste with out the fat!!!

J&D's Foods is the creator off all these great products remember the Bacon Sunscreen or Bacon Condoms.