Parents of middle school children in Portsmouth, Rhode Island received an interesting letter warning them of a "widespread phenomenon".   That widespread phenomenon is snorting or smoking smarties.


Apparently you can find lots of videos on YouTube of kids snorting Smarties and it is causing a widespread problem.

OK so first of all snorting Smarties isn't a new thing.  It's something that has been going on since Smarties first hit the market.  Kids were doing it when I was in middle school and and kids are still doing it now.  If it wasn't crushed up smarties, they were snorting Pixy Sticks.

It was a stupid idea then and it is a stupid idea now.  It just goes back to the whole thing of kids will be kids.  However, if you have that kid, you know the one who will take a dare, or the one who is easily peer pressured, then I would probably remove all Smarties and Pixy sticks from the house.

Good grief!

However, there is one more thing to add to the story, if your child starts smelling something foul and possibly feels a little wiggling in their nose.  First ask them if they have been snorting Smarties.  Second take them to the doctor immediately and be ready to be grossed out immensely.  Apparently a side effect of snorting Smarties, nasal maggots.

This guy summed up this story in the quickest and most comedic way:

Have a nice day!