April 20th,

1999 - The COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE occurred in Littleton, Colorado, when 18-year-old  ERIC HARRIS and 17-year-old  DYLAN KLEBOLD shot and killed one teacher and 12 of their classmates as well as wounding 26 others before taking their own miserable, pathetic lives.

1769 - PONTIAC, great warrior chief of the Ottawas, was clubbed from behind and stabbed to death by an Indian from another tribe  presumably out of jealousy of his influence with the White Devil.


1902 - Pierre and Marie Curie isolated the radioactive element RADIUM.   At that time, it was not known that it was dangerous.  Their daughter died of leukemia.  The first commercial use of radium was to paint it on wristwatches to make them glow in the dark, and many people who painted the watches died, too.

1912 - FENWAY PARK opened in Boston.

1916 - WRIGLEY FIELD opened in Chicago.

1959 - DOLLY PARTON released her first single, "Puppy Love", when she was 13-years-old.

1961 - FM STEREO BROADCASTING was approved by the FCC.

1990 - JANET JACKSON got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1992 - The world lost the comedic genius of BENNY HILL to a heart attack.  He was 68.


2010 - DANICA PATRICK became the first female to win an Indy car race when she won the Indy Japan 300.

2010 - The DEEPWATER HORIZON DRILLING RIG EXPLODED in the Gulf of Mexico.  Eleven workers were killed and roughly 205.8 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the gulf before the well was finally capped three months later.