It's really hard when you are young and confused.  It's even harder when you go to an adult for help and they take advantage of the situation and take away your innocence.  A lady in California gets the courage to track down her childhood teacher that abused her for years.

It is a very sad situation when a child cannot go to their teachers for help without being betrayed.  And what is even more sad, is that these kids think it is ok to be treated this way.  A woman in California gains the courage to track down her childhood abuser and confront her.

After being abused for years by her teacher, Jaime's life was turned upside down.  Now at the age of 28, Jaime decided it was time to for this teacher to pay.  Unfortunately, she found out that the statute of limitations was up so there was nothing she could do.

So she decided to take another route.  She tracked her down, found her working as an assistant principal at a school, called her and got her to confess.  She recorded the phone conversation and is now warning parents of this child molester.

Here's the video.  This video is extreme and has some language that is NSFW.  Watch at your own discretion.

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