Do you ever just find yourself in a place where you just ask yourself can I really be that dumb?  I swear I have had some moments in my life lately where I ask myself who are you and what have you done with my brain.  I have been having some serious absentminded moments lately.

The other day I was asked what my social security number was I smiled and was about to spit it out of my mouth when my mind just went totally blank.  Completely gone.  Poof!  The first thing you have to memorize in college is your social security number because that is all anyone knew you by, and to all of a sudden forget something that is ingrained into your memory. Really?1?

My next moment was with a security system.  I know the code, I have used the code for over 10 years but for some reason as I am typing in the code the other day, I completely forgot what it was, I typed in something completely different and then I realized what I had done, I freaked.  I knew the alarm was about to go off and police show up.  Luckily, I took a deep breath after the beeps went postal and typed in the correct code and voila! It worked.

Now we come to today.  I step into work and realized that I wanted coffee, a cup of hot coffee.  So I put the filter in, pour the water in and walk back to my office.  A few minutes later, I walked into our break room only to find that I had given the floor a big pot of hot coffee.  I forgot to put the decanter back on the hot plate.  So the coffee brewed, it brewed all over the floor.  Go me!

This has really freaked me out.  I'm not usually absentminded.  I'm usually really good with memory stuff.  I am having some serious senior moments and I am nowhere close to being a senior.  Yes, it could be that I'm tired.  Yes, it could be stress.  Then again it could be a sight of things to come as I get older.

Are you ever completely absent minded?  What usually causes it for you?