Remember as a child barreling down the driveway onto the sidewalk on your Big Wheel.  You felt like you go do anything.  Hauling booty down the street was a thrill.  An even bigger thrill was the flag pole attached to your Big Wheel flapping in the wind.  Well, guess what. You can relive that childhood awesomeness when you ride your adult sized big wheel.

I am amazed at the crazy things you can find online. Right now on you can actually purchase an adult sized big wheel.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame and Fork supports over 275 lbs
  • Molded 14 inch Plastic Rear Wheels for power slides
  • 26 inch Front Wheel and Custom Freewheel Hub for high speed coasting
  • Super Wide Rubber Front Tire for superior traction
  • Fully Adjustable padded seat accommodates 5'2" to 6'6"

The company that is selling this item is called Big Wheel Rally.

It will only set you back $645.93 + shipping.