Remember back in the late 80's, early 90s a TV show about an alien coming to Earth and living with a family.  That alien was ALF (Alien Life Form) and it was my favorite TV show at the time.

ALF was awesome, I still have an ALF puppet from when I was a kid.   My favorite line from that show, "My name's ALF HA!"

I was a proud momma the other day when I walked into Ethan's room and he was watching ALF on the Hub.  He said, "Momma this furry alien is funny," then he preceded to laugh in the way Ethan only can.

Well, rumor has it that ALF is finally going to the big screen.    However it may not be the same furry creature we fell in love with, apparently it will be partially computer animated.   Paul Fusco, one of the original creators and the voice of ALF, will return as the voice of ALF.

Watch full episodes here.