One of Amarillo's long time businesses will be closing it's doors and with the end of Hastings hundreds of people will find themselves with out a job. 

Arnel Manalang

If you are a business looking for great employees then the United Way is needing you.

The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon are hosting a job and resources fair for Hastings employees and they are looking for businesses to take part.

If you are looking for employees they want you.  If you provide services that can help these individuals as they search for new employment, like counseling, child care support, computer training, information or even referral services they are needing you to take part.

The event for these Hastings Employees will take place on Monday, August 8th from 10am - 6pm at the Sunset Center Event Room.

If you are available to take part then please contact 806-350-5280.

August 9th is the final day for warehouse and customer service employees at Hastings and these individuals will be searching for jobs.

Businesses participating include:

Amarillo College
Toot ‘n Totum
Drive 360 CRM
Bell Helicopter- checking with their contractors
Cal Farley’s Community Engagement
Street Auto Group

So again if your business or agency can attend and participate call 806-350-5280.

They do realize this is short notice, but they want to help these individuals find new jobs and help them with any resource they might need.