If you are an avid cell phone user and you take calls on your phone will driving, that privilege may soon be coming to an end in Amarillo, unless you have a wireless hands free device.

The Amarillo City Commission is in the process of trying to decide whether or not to push a cellphone ban in Amarillo.  This would mean that anyone caught talking or texting on a cellphone, in a moving vehicle, within the Amarillo city limits would be fined.

They are asking for the citizens of Amarillo to come and voice their opinions at two of their upcoming city commission meetings.

The meetings will take place August 28th and September 4th.

Keep in mind this ban would not be just texting and driving, it would include using your cellphone period, including talking on your phone while driving unless you have a hands free device.

So again, whether you are for or against the ban, your city commission needs to know how you feel about them imposing this ban.

Would the city be better off educating the public about cell phone use, or would you be better served as a citizen by having to follow a law that takes away your right to take a call while driving?

For more information on a cellphone ban in Amarillo click here.