Thomas Michael Dixon, a well know plastic surgeon in the Amarillo area, was arrested for the murder of Lubbock physician named Joseph Sonnier III. The Lubbock physician was found dead on Sunday. The murder is being linked to Dixon and his associate.

According to reports, Dixon and Sonnier were involved in a love triangle. Dixon was still in love with a woman who was dating Sonnier and hired someone to kill him.

David Neal Shepperd is an associate of Dixon who he hired to carry out the murder. Reports say that Shepperd was watching Sonnier’s house for weeks. He and Dixon were exchanging text messages and phone calls on Sonnier’s whereabouts.

Shepperd sneaked through the window of Sonnier’s house where he shot and stabbed him multiple times. Sonnier was found dead in his home on Wednesday, July 11th. Police were led to Dixon and Shepperd as potential suspects in the murder.

Police went to Shepperd’s apartment where his roommate told police that Dixon and Shepperd planned out the whole thing and Shepperd was the one who carried out the murder.

The story is still under investigation. Check back for more information.

He is also the owner of Sensei Medi Spa.