Early this morning the Amarillo Police Department were called to a home in the 6200 block of NE 12th for aggravated assault.  The officers found a Hispanic female age 32, with a stab wound to her upper chest. The female victim was send to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.  The family told police that she was stabbed during a domestic disturbance.

Officers then went to locate a suspect in the investigation who happened to be the victims ex-boyfriend.  During questioning the ex-boyfriend was able to show APD video evidence that the alleged victim had cut herself while breaking into his house.

The video showed the woman breaking the window with a shovel and then crawling into the house.

After being treated, the woman was arrested for Burglary of a Habitation with intent to Commit Felony, and for a local municipal warrant.

The woman was identified as Ysenia Machuca.