The zoo is always a fun time!  The Amarillo Zoo does an amazing job at hosting events for the entire family to enjoy.  They are inviting you 'Chill Out' with the animals.

With the hot summers, the zoo tries to find creative, fun ways to keep the animals cool.  This Saturday, August 9th, the Amarillo Zoo is letting you 'Chill Out' with the animals.  They have made some special cool treats for the animals.

The bobcats will be given frozen blood pops while the black bears will get blocks of ice filled with fresh berries. Lemurs and monkeys will be treated to chilled jello treats filled with tasty goodies that they can lick and nibble to free the tidbits hidden inside.

The cool event will begin at 1pm and last until 3pm.  There will be no extra charge, just regular admission into the zoo.

Come let the kiddos see the animals cool off with some cool treats!

The zoo is open Sunday through Saturday from 9 am to 5pm.

Adults $4.00 (ages 13 to 61)
Senior $3.00 (ages 62 and over)
Children $2.00 (ages 3-12)
Children under 2 Free