Last May during the Children's Miracle Network Celebration we had the opportunity to share with you the story of Audree Gomez.  She was the baby searching for a new heart.  Audree's wish and the wish and prayer of her family was answered this morning. Audree received her new heart.


After about a year of living away from home, being in and out of the doctor's offices and hospitals, and after thousands of pokes with needles, the  wishing and hoping and praying paid off for little Audree.  She received her new little heart today.

Yesterday afternoon her family posted on facebook:

ALL things are possible as long as you give all your worries to God
Facebook we have a heart they have found us a heart praise God

This morning about 5am they took little Audree back to surgery and about 11am this morning she emerged from the OR with a new little heart.

From Audree's Mommy:

Her new heart is beating beautifully, all on its own!!! God gave us our miracle of life!!  She did amazing! No complications! THANK YOU GOD! We are in awe at His amazing work and answered prayers!  Dr. G and the transplant team did such an amazing job! Thank God for their amazing talents and their willingness to help our heart babies!

The family posted a video of her being wheeled to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit after surgery on Audree's facebook page.

Praise the Lord!  Little Audree received her new heart.

Please keep this little girl in your prayers as she adjusts to her new little heart.

Please also lift prayers up to the family who lost their child, and graciously donated their child's organs and saved the life of Audree and countless other children.