Each year White Cloud has a contest amongst artwork created by kids who have been helped by Children's Miracle Network.  This year 9-year old Madilynn Nichols, who was a patient at Amarillo's NWTHS, was chosen to be a part of this contest.  Her art was chosen by White Cloud from hundreds of submissions from CMN affiliates across the United States as one of the fourteen finalists.  The top three winners will be featured on a White Cloud Tissue box.


So help us get Madilynn to the top so her art can be featured on a White Cloud tissue box.  This vote is open to the public so start voting today to help her win.

You can vote once per hour.

On her entry you will see that is say Madilynn, 9, Harrington Cancer Center - that's our girl and our local CMN.

If Madilynn is in the top three her art work will appear on a White Cloud tissue box.  Plus, White Cloud will donate $15,000 to our local Children's Miracle Network.

Plus, by voting for Madilynn, you have the opportunity to win a $25 gift card to Walmart.

Madilynn's art work is up against some pretty big cities, I know that we can help her get to the top.  So let's rally together and show that Texas Panhandle Spirit and vote, vote, vote!

Vote for Madilynn today! You can vote at least 24 times per day.  Voting ends January 31st.