At some point and time you have probably see American Idol.  During the try-out portion of the seasons they usually feature stories about the people trying out and some of those stories are sad. has put together a list of The Top 10 "American Idol" Sob Stories.

Here's the  partial list, along with videos:

CHRIS MEDINA, from THIS season. (--He talked about how he's taking care of his fiancée because she was left brain damaged following a bad accident just two months before they were supposed to get married.)

DANNY GOKEY, from Season Eight. (--His wife, Sophia, died while having heart surgery just four weeks before he tried out for "Idol".)

ANGELA MARTIN, from Season Nine, although she tried out three times. (--Her father was murdered . . . her mother went missing . . . her daughter has seizures . . . and she was once disqualified for being briefly jailed on a traffic violation.)

DAVID COOK, from Season Seven. (David's brother, Adam, was fighting brain cancer during David's winning run on "Idol". At one point, Adam's doctors cleared him to go to L.A. to see David perform live. Adam died in 2009.)

ASIA'H EPPERSON, from Season Seven. (Asia'h's dad died in a car accident just two days before her "Idol" audition. It actually happened MINUTES after she called him . . . to tell him she was on her way to the audition.)

SCOTT MACINTYRE, from Season Eight. (--Scott was the guy who made it all the way to the Top 10 despite being almost entirely blind.)

ANTHONY FEDEROV, from Season Four. (--After suffering complications of a breathing problem when he was little, doctors said they didn't think he'd be able to talk again. He did, and he could sing, too. He ended up finishing fourth.)

JOSIAH LEMING, from Season Seven. (Josiah was an 18-year-old high school dropout, who lived in his car. But he even admitted that he wasn't homeless out of necessity . . . he was doing it to follow his dream.)

JIM VERRAROS, from Season One. (--Both of Jim's parents are deaf, and yet he said they went to every one of his shows to support him . . . even though they've never been able to actually hear him sing.)

Can you remember any "American Idol" moments that brought tears to your eyes that DIDN'T make this list? Maybe something from the first six seasons, since only two from those seasons were mentioned here.