I had to take a trip to one of our other transmitter sites on Wednesday. We were having some technical issues, because of the storm that was circling around the city. This site is on the way to the Rick Husband Airport and there are a couple of options to get to the building. I could go through the gate or cut through the field. Well, because it was muddy and really didn't want to get all dirty, I decided on the path of least resistance. Yep, I cut across the muddy field. At first I didn't think it was going to be a problem, but a few times I started to feel the back tires of my Kia spinning and even did some slippin' and slidin' to get to the main door. After I took care of the issues, I got back in my car and guess what? I cut back across the field for round two. I figure, you might as well have some fun while you're working, right?