I was watching a movie last night on demand and after it was over it flipped back to the channel that it was originally on, and of course that was Nick.  Nick and many channels like it have a habit of running short commercials for infomercial products, the "As Seen On TV" products.  This really annoys me, because some of these products are completely ridiculous.


 Air Curler

My first question is WHY?

Why is there a need for a bowl at the end of a hair dryer.  It seems like a useless product when a curling iron would do the same thing in half the time.  They say curling irons do more damage.  Hello!  the hair dryer produces heat as well and you cannot tell me you aren't breaking your hair spinning it around and around in a bowl like a tornado.

I'm just curious how long it will take somebody to try to pop a bowl of popcorn with the Air Curler.

Rollie Eggmaster

This thing is just obscene, frightening and crazy.  That's all I can say.  Hmm, I wonder how many people actual have a Rollie on their desk at work.



Don't stick a Q-Tip in your ear, but stick this in your ear.  Uh...I'll stick with the Q-tip

I'll admit I have heard about a few products on the "As Seen On TV" market are good.  I have friends that swear by the Genie Bra.  The toys are cute an fun, my niece stuffs stuff in her Stuffie.  Pillow Pets were cute.  However, the price on these toys are ridiculous.  E. kept asking for a DreamLites, but really $30-$45 for this tiny thing, I told him no.

Do you have a "As Seen on TV" product that you love?  What product makes you shake your head when you see the commercial?