One of the sad things in life is seeing an animal abused or mistreated.  A lot of time our law enforcement isn't equipped on how to handle situations where animal cruelty is involved.  However, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be training over 60 police officers on how to fight animal cruelty.


Police officers from all over the state will be coming to Amarillo for this training. Not only will police officers take part in this training so will attorneys, and animal control officers will take part as well.  Nationally recognized animal welfare experts will conduct this two-day training.

The officers will learn how to respond to various types of animal cruelty, including animal fighting, hoarding and puppy mills.

So why this training?

A recent ASPCA poll revealed that:

  • Nearly half (49%) of law enforcement officers say they need more training on how to investigate animal cruelty in their community
  • Most law enforcement officers view dog fighting as a severe crime, particularly due to the link between dog fighting and other violent crimes

The training will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Amarillo Civic Center.