This is just another of the ridiculous things to add to the list of outrageous things to ban.  I can understand banning candles at school on birthday cakes because of fire, but this just seems ridiculous.  I know this is happening in Australia but I'm sure it has happened in the U.S.   If hide and seek is dangerous, I can only imagine what happens when germs get involved.

Australian schools are banning the act of blowing out birthday candles on cakes because it spreads germs and sickness.


According to Yahoo:

New guidelines issued Tuesday by the country's National Health and Medical Research Council say that children can no longer blow out the candles on cakes at school because doing so spreads too many germs.


Birthday's are a celebration and yes candles are involved, however banning blowing out the candles on a cake because of germs just seems ridiculous.

The only way they will allow candles is if it is one candle on a cupcake, and that cupcake will only be eaten by that child.

I understand the whole germ thing, but really kids are going to pass germs on when they play tag, or help each other swing, or drink at a water fountain after each other. Taking away the act of blowing out birthday candles on a cake is not going to stop the spread of germs.

All this craziness, seriously, what is the world coming to, next thing you know we will be dressing our children in tiny portable protective bubbles.  Heck, that wouldn't even help because boys would turn that into demolition bubble derby.