January 25th, Guiding Light broadcast on Radio, Al Capone Died, and Charles Manson convicted

1924 - The first WINTER OLYMPIC games takes place in Chamonix, France.

1937 - NBC Radio presented the first broadcast of "THE GUIDING LIGHT".  The radio show continued until 1956.  "The Guiding Light" began its TV run on CBS in 1952.

1945 - First Lieutenant AUDIE MURPHY earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for ordering his men to retreat, jumping into a blazing tank destroyer, holding off the Germans single-handedly with a machine gun ,and ordering an artillery strike on his own position!  They only awarded seven categories of medals for heroism in World War Two;  Audie won five of them!

1947 - Notorious gangster AL CAPONE, on the verge of

insanity, died of  neuro-syphilis in Miami Beach, Florida.  He was only 48.

1949 - The first EMMY AWARDS were presented.  The winner for Most Popular Television Program:  "PANTOMIME QUIZ TIME".

1950 - JOHN WAYNE left his tiny little footprints outside Hollywood's Chinese Theatre . . . along with an imprint of his FIST!

1961 - WALT DISNEY'S animated movie "101 DALMATIANS" was released in movie theaters.  It cost $4 million to make.

1971 - CHARLES MANSON and three young women

followers were convicted in Los Angeles of the 1969 Tate-Labianca murders.  Manson said the murder spree was inspired by "secret messages" he heard on the BEATLES' "White Album".

1976 - BOB DYLAN headlined a seven-hour benefit concert for boxer RUBIN "HURRICANE" CARTER, who was wrongfully convicted of a triple murder in 1967.

(--Rubin Carter's story was later told in the 1999 movie, "The Hurricane", starring DENZEL WASHINGTON.  Dylan's song RESONATED throughout the film.)

1979 - THE CARS won "Rolling Stone" magazine's annual readers' poll as the Best New Band of the Year.

1980 - PAUL MCCARTNEY was released from jail and deported after being imprisoned 10 days for trying to sneak a half-pound of marijuana through customs at the Tokyo airport!

1981 - Fifty-two AMERICANS HELD HOSTAGE by Iran for 444 days arrived back in the U.S.

1981 - The OAKLAND RAIDERS defeated the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES, 27-to-10, to win SUPER BOWL 15.  It was the first time a wildcard team had ever won.

(--Raiders quarterback JIM PLUNKETT passed for three touchdowns, including an 80-yard touchdown bomb to Kenny King to be named the game's MVP.)

1985 - "We Are The World" was recorded in Los Angeles.

It was written by MICHAEL JACKSON and LIONEL RICHIE . . . and the many other stars who sang on it included Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles.

1987 - The NEW YORK GIANTS beat the DENVER BRONCOS, 39-to-20, to win SUPER BOWL 21.  It was the Giants' first Super Bowl victory.

(--New York quarterback PHIL SIMMS was named the game's MVP after completing 22 of 25 passes for 268 yards and three touchdowns.)

1994 - MICHAEL JACKSON settled a civil lawsuit out of court for something between $10 and $24 MILLION to get out from under accusations of having molested a 13-year-old boy.

1998 - The Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers, 31-to-24, to seize a victory in Super Bowl 32.  It was the Broncos' first Super Bowl win after four tries.  (--Denver running back TERRELL DAVIS was the game's MVP with a 157-yard, three-touchdown performance.)

1999 - "THE TOM GREEN SHOW" premiered on MTV!!!

2002 - SHANNEN DOHERTY married independent film producer Rick Salomon . . . who would later go on to unleash the infamous PARIS HILTON sex tape upon the world.  (--For some reason, PAMELA ANDERSON married him 2007.  The marriage was annulled five months later.)

2006 - "Survivor" winner RICHARD HATCH was found guilty of tax evasion for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million grand prize.  He was eventually sentenced to 51 months in prison. (He's going to be on the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice".)