February 8th-a full day in history.

1910 - The BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA was incorporated!  The first Boy-type Scouts were British.

1924 - The FIRST EXECUTION BY LETHAL GAS went down at the Nevada State Prison in Carson City.  It took convicted Chinese murderer Gee Jon SIX GRUELING MINUTES to die.

1960 - The congressional hearings on "payola" opened.  DICK CLARK and ALAN FREED were accused of accepting payment in return for airing records.

(--Alan Freed ended up pleading guilty to two counts of commercial bribery and never got a gig in radio again.  Dick Clark somehow got off with his reputation intact.)

1964HANK WILLIAMS JR. made his debut on the country charts with "Long Gone Lonesome Blues".

1964 - Max Firetag, publisher of "Louie Louie", as recorded by the KINGSMEN, denied Indiana Governor Matthew Welsh's claim that the song was "pornographic" . . . and offered $1,000 to anyone who could find anything "suggestive" in the song's lyrics.  (--Of course, nothing was ever found.)

1968 - The original "Planet Of The Apes" was released, starring the extremely well-endowed RODDY MCDOWALL and the very well-armed CHARLTON HESTON.

1976 - "Taxi Driver" was released . . . with ROBERT DE NIRO, CYBILl SHEPHERD and JODIE FOSTER.

1980 - Ten years before he was  in "Pretty Woman",

RICHARD GERE starred in "American Gigolo".

1985 - Tragedy struck when "The Dukes Of Hazzard" ended its six-year run.


1990 - CBS suspended ANDY ROONEY over racial remarks he supposedly made to a gay magazine.

1990 - Singer DEL SHANNON, best known for the 1961 smash "Runaway", died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  He was 55.

1991 - MC HAMMER made his amazing acting debut, playing himself on "Amen"!

1996 - ART MODELL moved his NFL franchise to Baltimore but had to leave the Browns' name behind.  Three years later Cleveland would get a football franchise back . . . but they've had a rough existence ever since.

2005 - KORN guitarist BRIAN "HEAD"

WELCH left the band and rededicated his life to Jesus.

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