February 25th-That'll Be the Day

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1836 - Inventor SAMUEL COLT patented his revolver.

1870 - Hiram R. Revels of Mississippi became the FIRST BLACK MEMBER OF THE U.S. SENATE when he was sworn in to serve out the un-expired term of Jefferson Davis.

1919 - Oregon became the first  state to TAX GASOLINE.


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1957 - BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS recorded what would become their first hit  "That'll Be The Day".

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1964 - Seven-to-one underdog CASSIUS CLAY beat SONNY LISTON to claim the World Heavyweight Boxing title.  After the fight, Clay shouted, "I shocked the world!".  The next day he announced that he had converted to the Muslim faith and changed his name to MUHAMMAD ALI.

1992 - NATALIE COLE'S "Unforgettable" won Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year at the 34th Annual Grammy Awards.  Other big winners were BONNIE RAITT, R.E.M. and mullet-master MICHAEL BOLTON.

1998 - PAULA COLE won the Grammy for Best New Artist, BOB DYLAN won Best Album and Best Contemporary Folk Album for "Time Out Of Mind" , SHAWN COLVIN won Song AND Record of the Year for "Sunny Came Home".


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2005 - The BTK Killer, DENNIS RADER, was captured by Wichita Police and the FBI.  He was sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences six months later.