Happy Valentine's Day!  Here's what happened back in the day...doesn't seem like a day of love.

1924 - The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was renamed the International Business Machines Corporation . . . IBM.

1929 - The ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE went down.  AL CAPONE'S hit-men, two of whom were dressed in police uniforms, walked into a Chicago garage owned by rival gang leader BUGS MORAN, lined up seven of his boys against a brick wall and gunned them down.

1931 - The horror classic "Dracula", starring BELA LUGOSI, was released on Valentine's Day . . . because it's a LOVE STORY, between a misunderstood vampire and an unappreciative human wench.

1958 - CBS newsman WALTER CRONKITE reported that the Iranian government had BANNED ROCK & ROLL on the grounds that it was against the concepts of Islam  and also hazardous to one's health!!!

1967 - Chubby ARETHA FRANKLIN recorded her signature song, "Respect".

1974 - "Rolling Stone" magazine reported that DAVID BOWIE turned down a Gay Liberation group that had asked him to compose the world's first gay national anthem.


1977 - The B-52's gave their debut performance at a Valentine's party in Athens, Georgia.

1987 - BON JOVI hit #1 with "Livin' On A Prayer".

1988 - America cried after Olympic speed skater DAN JANSEN had the worst day of his life.  On the day of the race, his sister died of leukemia.  It rattled him enough that he tripped on the first turn, spilling across the ice.  He fell in the next race, too.

(--He folded again in 1992, but finally won a gold medal in 1994.  Dan Jansen now makes $10,000 to $20,000 per appearance as a guest speaker.  )

1989 - Iran's AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI called on Muslims to kill SALMAN RUSHDIE because of his "blasphemous" novel "THE SATANIC VERSES".

1992 - "Wayne's World", starring MIKE MYERS and DANA CARVEY, opened in U.S. movie theaters.

2001 - Future  "AMERICAN IDOL 2005" contestant SCOTT SAVOL assaulted his firlfriend on Valentine's Day.  He was arrested for it on the 15th.  The restraining order went into effect on the 16th.

2005 - "Contender" boxer NAJAI TURPIN committed suicide at the age of 23.