Second Day of February, Samuel Clemens was Mark Twain for the First time,  we met Punxsutawney Phil, Nicole married OJ, and more!

1863 - In Carson City, Nevada, a journalist by the name of SAMUEL CLEMENS sent a report to the "Virginia City Enterprise", and for the first time he used the name that we would eventually know him by . . . MARK TWAIN.

(--The name "Mark Twain" came from his days working on Mississippi riverboats.  It was an expression that meant the water was two fathoms deep . . . which was the minimum depth considered safe for a riverboat to travel over.)

1887 - The first GROUNDHOG DAY was celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

1969 - Horror legend BORIS KARLOFF died at the age of 81.  He's most famous for playing the Frankenstein monster, which was deathly afraid of fire.  Karloff died of emphysema, which is often caused by smoking.

1979 - SID VICIOUS of the SEX PISTOLS died of a heroin overdose . . . "escaping" legal charges against him for the murder of his  girlfriend NANCY SPUNGEN.

1985 - O.J. SIMPSON married NICOLE BROWN.  She divorced O.J. in 1992 on grounds of adultery and abuse . . . so he killed her AND young RON GOLDMAN two years later.  IF he did it.

1996 - "Singing in the Rain" superstar GENE KELLY died at age 83.

1998 - PRESIDENT CLINTON announced a $1.73 TRILLION budget claiming the first surpluses in 30 years.  The plan:  Start pumping billions into schools, health care and child care.

2004 - COURTNEY LOVE announced a plan to publish her DIARIES.  Her agent said, quote, "The book features Courtney's legendary writings that have been whispered and wondered about for years . . . but that no one has ever seen."

(--"They're like the literary equivalent of Bob Dylan's "Bootleg Series".)

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