March 28th, Rocky won an Oscar, Rock N Roll would have never gained popularity without payola, and We are the World, worldwide.

1960 - Two ANTI-PAYOLA bills were introduced in Congress.  They blamed payola for, quote, "the CACOPHONOUS MUSIC called ROCK AND ROLL" and claimed that rock and roll would never have achieved popularity if not for payola.

1964 - "THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET" was released.  Starring DON KNOTTS in both a live-action role and as the animated fish that Mr. Limpet gets turned into.

1970 - Jane Berlins set a World Record by GO-GO DANCING for 18 HOURS STRAIGHT.

1976 - GENESIS began their first North American tour since Peter Gabriel's departure with PHIL COLLINS as their new lead singer.

1977 - "Rocky", starring AND written by SYLVESTER STALLONE, won Best Picture at the Oscars.  It beat "Taxi Driver".
1979 - THREE MILE ISLAND melted down after operators failed to recognize that a relief valve in the primary coolant system was stuck open.  Even though dangerous radiation leaked, studies have proven it didn't affect cancer rates near the plant.

1982 - On his way to sing at an anti-nuke rally, DAVID CROSBY was arrested for possession of Quaaludes, drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of drugs and carrying a concealed .45-caliber pistol.  David Crosby's explanation for carrying the gun:  "John Lennon".

1983 - FRED JIPP of Phoenix was sentenced to 28 years in prison for bigamy and fraud.  He had MARRIED 104 WOMEN in 28 countries in 30 years!

1986 - More than 6,000 radio stations of all format varieties played "We Are The World" simultaneously at 10:15 A.M. Eastern.

1986 - "Lucas" was released  with future warlock CHARLIE SHEEN,  WINONA RYDER, COREY HAIM  and incredibly talented "Goonies" actress KERRI GREEN.

1992 - One of the most famous shots in college basketball history was sunk.  With two seconds left in the game, Duke's GRANT HILL threw a long pass to CHRISTIAN LAETTNER, who hit a turnaround jumper from just above the free-throw line to beat Kentucky 104-to-103 and advance to the Final Four.  Laettner was a combined 20-for-20 from the field and the free-throw line in that game.
1995 - JULIA ROBERTS and LYLE LOVETT announced that they were separating after 21  months of marriage.

1996 - PHIL COLLINS announced that he was leaving GENESIS to concentrate on his  his solo career.

1998 - LUCY LAWLESS  married her second husband, "Xena" executive producer Robert Tapert.  Today is their 13th anniversary.

1999 - The brilliant animated series "Futurama" premiered on Fox.

2000 - JIMMY PAGE received an undisclosed amount of cash after suing "Ministry" magazine in England's High Court.  The magazine had claimed that Jimmy Page contributed to the death of Zeppelin bandmate JOHN BONHAM  by wearing a SATANIC ROBE and chanting spells while the dying drummer was choking on his vomit!  Jimmy Page donated all of the money to charity.