January 27th brought us the Globetrotters, the death of a giant, and Mattel lost their lawsuit against Aqua.

1927 - The HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS played their first game in Hinckley, Illinois. 



1958 - LITTLE RICHARD quit his music career to enroll at Oakwood Bible College in Huntsville, Alabama.

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--He made the decision after his plane caught fire while he was on tour.  He promised God he'd study the Bible if he didn't go down in flames.

1967 - Astronauts GUS GRISSOM, ED WHITE and ROGER CHAFFEE died on the Cape Kennedy launch pad when their Apollo command module became engulfed in fire.

1968 - OTIS REDDING'S "Dock of the Bay" was released, six weeks after Otis and four members of his band were killed when their plane went down .

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1973 - HENRY KISSINGER and the very sexy LE DUC THO of North Vietnam signed the Vietnam Peace Treaty.

1977 -
THE VATICAN reaffirmed that the Roman Catholic Church continue to ban female priests.

1993 - The great ANDRE THE GIANT died of a heart attack at the age of 46.

1998 - In the midst of the MONICA LEWINSKY scandal, First Lady HILLARY CLINTON appeared on NBC's "Today" show, charging that the allegations against her husband were the work of a "VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY"

2003 - MATTEL lost its copyright infringement lawsuit against the band AQUA for their completely obnoxious song "Barbie Girl".

--The Supreme Court ruled that the song is a parody and a social commentary, and is thus protected by the First Amendment.

2005 - Mentally unstable rapper HOUSTON locked himself in a London bathroom and GOUGED OUT HIS LEFT EYE in an attempt to rid himself of the Devil.  

2010 - "Catcher in the Rye" author J.D. SALINGER died three weeks after his 91st birthday.  Mark David Chapman had it with him when he killed John Lennon.

2010 - ZELDA RUBINSTEIN . . . the short lady from "Poltergeist" . . . died of natural causes.  She was 76.


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2010 - STEVE JOBSunveiled the iPAD at a press conference in San Francisco.

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