I must admit I have become quite the historian when it comes to the Titanic.  My son loves the Titanic. We have books, and we have watched a ton of documentaries on the subject.   Today is the anniversary of the day the crew found the Titanic wreckage, 75 years after it went down on that fateful night on April 15, 1912.

Central Press/Getty Images

It was Robert Ballard and Jean-Louis Michael and their expedition team who found the Titanic. It was a piece of technology called ARGO that help them find the wreckage.

Here is the documentary.  It's over and hour long, but very interesting.

It wasn't long after the discovery of Titanic that more expeditions and salvagers kept coming and taking.

In my opinion the ship should have been left alone after it was discovered, because in all honesty once this ship sank it became a tomb and a grave.  It should have been treated as one.

It was a beautiful ship.

Such tragedy and heartbreak.