Well today was officially Back To School Day.  Lots of kids returning to school.  I must admit mine isn't at the school age yet.  He will start kindergarten next year, but he was moving classes at his day care at that had him nervous.  I told him that it was an adventure and that most of his friends were moving with him.  He was nervous because he loved his teacher.   How was Back To School in your family?

My friend Robyn has all three of hers in school now and two of them started school for the first time this year.  She said that they were all smiles today.

My friend Taunya said that her girls were very excited about going back to school.

My co-worker Billy said that his little girl was shy at first but by the end of the day she'll come home happy and excited about seeing her friends and meeting new ones.

What is funny is that parents are probably taking it harder than the kids.  Isn't that how it always goes.

My facebook friend Sarah,  had a post about how the grandparents were nervous about her child starting his first day of school.

I guess when you think about it, the first day of school is nervous for the entire family.

I know I will experience the feeling next year and I will probably cry.
So how did your first day of school go this morning.  Let us know!

Also since it is Back to School, make sure when you are out and about this afternoon to pay attention to school zones and residential areas, during the summer we have a habit of zooming through them, be safe and slow down because our kids will be in those areas.