They say the DeLorean lights are bright on Broadway.  Wait, What?  Back to the Future on Broadway as a musical?  It looks like this might be a reality.  Can you imagine the beloved 80's classic that introduced us to Marty, Biff and Doc Brown and the now defunct DeLorean line of cars, being turned into a Broadway musical.

According to

Zemeckis is in early talks with his co-writer Bob Gale and the film’s composer Alan Silvestri to explore a stage transfer. A stage musical would be an intriguing way to reintroduce a franchise which, over three films, grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide. Zemeckis’ ImageMovers would be involved if this goes forward. The time travel film, which starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, holds up as well as the other live-action films Zemeckis directed.

I know most of us don't make trips to New York often enough to catch a Broadway play.  I know I've been once and that was 16 years ago.  Do you think a Broadway Musical based on Back to the Future would be a good idea?

Why take something that was so great and turn it into something that could change the future and destroy the present we know today?