Everywhere you look these days, bacon is everywhere.  I personally don't understand the bacon craze, and that may be because I don't like bacon.  Wow, I heard the gasps all around the world just now.  I just don't get how bacon is taking over the world.

Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

However, I receive and email today from J&D's Foods.  Introduced a few new products involving bacon.  The first one isn't so bad, weird but not bad.

J&D's Foods

Does the bacon sunscreen make you sizzle and get crispy like bacon?

At least with an SPF 30 you won't cook like bacon.  Bacon Sunscreen will cost you $9.99 a bottle

Now the next item is a bit shocking.  I had a shake my head moment.  Really?  Did they really have to make these.

Bacon Condoms (yes, you read that right)

J&D's Foods

Just be thankful I didn't show you the actual condom. Ugh!

I don't know what else to say, except if you want to practice safe sex with a bacon condom you can get 3 for $9.99.

I believe that the bacon craze has now officially gone to far.